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ApnaMatch.com is managed and owned by Laj Marriage Bureau International, based in UK and which has been serving the Asian and other communities since 1979 in the matrimonial field. This has resulted in thousands of successful marriages, including multi-cultural, in the UK and other parts of the world. This online service is for finding suitable and compatible partners for either (i) marriage or (ii) dating and friendship. We encourage you to choose one of these categories. It is to make people choose the right service so that time is saved and desired results are obtained quicker. These are explained below:

This site is mostly for educated and professional persons, though business and other persons will also be listed. The ApnaMatch.com site is interesting and easy to operate. You can join as a member for free and get married or find your dream partner for dating and friendship without paying a penny. Other options are also available costing small fees.

(i) Commitment for Marriage:
Those whose intention is to get married and settle as husband and wife to form a family should join the first service. The right approach will bring the two together quicker, whereby they shall honour the sacred commitments made for a happy married life. For this service, people should have a clear approach from the beginning that their purpose is to get married. It will save time for everybody when after quite a few meetings, though everything was in common, it was found that it was not going to work as they had different approaches; one of them was seeking a partner for marriage only, whereas the other was looking someone for dating and friendship. This is why we recommend to select the right service when registering so that everybody's time is saved and the desired results obtained.

(ii) Seeking someone for Dating and Friendship:
Those joining the second option, that is, for Dating and Friendship, know from the start what they have in mind. Their purpose is to form a safe relationship as friends for fun and pleasure. Some of them, as good friends and as time goes on, may form a permanent relationship and become a couple as husband and wife. One of the wonders of the Internet is the popularity of online dating which brings thousands of people together. No longer is there an excuse for leading a lonely life, as scores of people are waiting to meet you on the web. For a free or low cost service, convenient and private avenues for searching for quality people, online dating can be a very rewarding and interesting experience.

Why wait, just jump in and join as a member to find that special person of your dreams who may already be one of the many waiting to hear from you on ApnaMatch.com.

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